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The Pareto Principle:

What is it?  How will it help you as a business owner or self-employed professional?  Find out in the Leadership section titled: "A Series of Dots ".


Provide Benefits for Employees?

Employers who provide benefits for their workers tend to experience longer employee tenure, thus reducing the costs associated with hiring and training replacements.  Longer tenured employees also tend to have a higher productivity rate, thereby preventing possible lost revenue to the business while a trainee gets up to speed.  In Health Biz read the latest survey from the Bureau of Labor Standards about the variation in medical benefits employers offer to various occupations.


A Series of Dots. . . .

If you read Leadership vs Management in the next column, then you'll know what I mean by A Series of Dots. . .  This is a series of "Teachable Moments".  These are just a few of the topics - others will be added.

       A Series of Dots . . .                  

  • Prato's Principle                                   
  • What is a Standard?
  • I Don't Like The Bones . . .
  • Discipline . . . Makes Disciples
  • Project Forward. . . Think Backward
  • Best Practices . . . and Some that Aren't
  • Delegating . . . The Art of Achieving
  • Develop Your Key people
  • It's Easier to Give Birth . . . Than Resurrect the Dead
  • 5 Steps to Interviewing Employees
  • Know Your Competition

This is an on-going series of articles that define "Teachable Moments".  Get these and other Leadership articles by visiting my blog by the same title:  A Series of Dots. . . 

New Jobs and Small Business    

 Since quiltjazz.com is about the small business owner and self-employed professional, I wanted to do a report on new job creation.  Did you know that 64% of new jobs in the U.S. are created by small businesses?  Well, it's true.  I have created a report on this subject which you will find in the Reports section of the website.  New job creation is crucial to our economy.  Collectively, small business owners contribute the most to creating new jobs.  I found this very interesting and wanted to share it with you.  Check it out in the Reports section.

                            . . . Virtual Assistants 

"I had gone as far as I could in my last regular job.  It was time to shake things up!"  says Joni Snowden.  She quit her 9-6 job last year and started her Virtual Assistant business, A Novel Space.  "After almost two years, I still think it was the best decision I've recently made", Ms. Snowden said.  For the business owner,  a Virtual Assistant can be very useful to increase the professionalism of your business and to help lighten your workload.  The best part is, you only use them when you need them, even if it is only a few hours per week.   I have two articles about Virtual Assistants - one for business owners and another for anyone considering becoming a Virtual Assistant .

                      Don't Miss!!  

Yes, you don't want to miss this!  READ ALL ABOUT IT - especially for employers.  E-Verify  is all about a system that will verify that your new employees are legally eligible to work in the U.S.  This system will do that in about five (5) seconds flat.

                 Background Checks  


 Especially for Employers but also any business owner  - a complete report on Intellius.com.  This company provides one of the most comprehensive suites of business intelligence services:  Background Checks, Criminal Searches, People Finders, and Employment Verification.  Check it out.

People Search - Looking for an old friend?

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Leadership vs Management

Often as a small business owner, we are so into being a "Manager" that we forget to be a "Leader".  Yes, there is plenty to manage on a daily and weekly basis!  If you've been in business for even a small amount of time, you've probably learned that it's hard to succeed without someone to help you each day.  That someone is known as "people" and those "people" are your employees.  Let me set you straight right now.

People are your most important asset!

Yes, people are an asset.  You invest time and you invest money in hiring and training them.  People are definitely an asset to your business.  The difference with this asset is that it has feelings, emotions, family, and a host of other human characteristics.  People are an asset that you treat differently to other assets.  Having said that, you need to always remember this:

You "Manage" things - You "Lead" people!

Employees today are begging for Leadership.  No, they don't tell you that - they expect you to already know that.  A leader is a guide; one who shows or conducts the way.  A manager is a director; one who manages a business, especially with skill.  Leadership is a skill that can be learned.  I like the way Webster defined a leader in referring to the printing business and the definition fits well here.

A series of dots. . . . .

to direct the reader to a specific point.  That is exactly what a leader in business is:  a series of brief moments (dots) to teach (direct) employees to achieve a specific goal (point).  Everyday, you should have a series of dots (information) that you give to employees and eventually those employees perform as you want them to and they will consistently achieve results for your business.

A series of dots for you, the business owner:

Within this site, I will be writing a series of articles that will help you become a leader and a better manager.  Those dots will appear from time-to-time, so check back often or bookmark the site.  You can also register and as the articles are complete, each one will be sent to you.  Also, with each article, I will give you resources for further reading and learning.  The first dot (article) that I am going to give you is a principle that, once you learn it, will help you to achieve greater results with far less effort! The first dot:

The Pareto Principle

View my page on Sta.rtUp.Biz - The Small Business Social Network


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